Christian Community Service


Students in Grades 9 to 12 will select one or more Christian Community Service Activities in consultation with their parents/guardians. These activities will be completed during each year of secondary school as an essential component of the Religious Education program in order to fulfill the diploma requirement of 40 hours for graduation. The total of 40 hours of Christian Community Service would be the minimum expectation for students. The Principal may approve special requests.

Christian Community Service is a service on gives to the community. It is service spent on community projects, which could be of a cultural, humanitarian, athletic or fund-raising nature. The community could be a club, a parish, and organization, or a public institution. Students will be expected to select an activity that meets the criteria as described in the Guiding Principles for Christian Community Service.

Community involvement activity hours, mandated by the Ministry of Education as part of the requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), may not necessarily follow the Guiding Principles of Christian Community Service. Although valid and important experiences, these activities will not be recognized for Christian Community Service with in the Religious Education class, although the hours still count toward the forty (40) volunteer hours needed for graduation.

Students will be responsible for completing all documentation according to Board requirements. The Completion of Christian Community Service Activities form must be completed each year by students.


Students are expected to complete the following number of hours each year during their Religious Education classes (Note, Grade 12 only requires one of the three choices):

HRE1O: Grade 9 10 hours
HRE20: Grade 10 10 hours
HRE3O: Grade 11 10 hours
HHS4U: Grade 12 10 hours
HRE4O: Grade 12 16 hours
CPW4U: Grade 12 10 hours

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