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College Pathway in Ontario

Students interested in Colleges in Ontario should visit http://www.ontariocolleges.ca/. Here, you will be able to complete your application and obtain complete information on Ontario Colleges, programs, locations, tuition, scholarships and bursaries. All information on this site is the most current and includes all possible College pathway options for students.

Timelines: Ontario Colleges 2021-2022

  • Virtual Recruitment Sessions (September-November) – Please visit the NCVLE (grad class) for updates/links for the virtual sessions.
  • Fall Open Houses– See individual schools for dates and times/alternative methods of delivery in regards to COVID restrictions.
  • College Information Program (CIP) Tour: cancelled for this year. Please visit https://www.ontariocolleges.ca/ for further information.
  • February 1, 2022 – Applications received and paid for on or before this date will be given equal consideration by the colleges. Applicants are encouraged to apply before this date as website volumes are at their highest at this time. This is not a deadline for submitting applications. After this date, applications are still processed, but are considered by the colleges on a first-come, first-served basis and would be too late for competitive programs.
  • March Break and Spring Open Houses - See individual schools for dates and times/alternative methods of delivery in regards to COVID restrictions.
  • May 1, 2022 – Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission to their chosen program through ontariocolleges.ca by this date. Each college will determine the due date to confirm offers made after May 1, 2022. Check your Offer of Acceptance letter for details.
  • Mid June, 2022 – Earliest date that colleges may require payment of tuition fees.

Supplemental Application Material

Students are advised to carefully read all electronic and hard copy correspondence from the Colleges. Program requirements are specific to individual programs. Students are advised to ensure that any Supplemental Application Materials whether they are tests, auditions, essays or otherwise are completed and submitted by the required dates. For students who are pursing health related pathways, students may be required to write the Health Occupational Aptitude Test. Sample questions and information are available online at any of the College sites requiring the test completion. 

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