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Welcome to Notre Dame Student Services….

The Student Services department is a vital and integral part of Notre Dame College School. Through the Student Services department, students will acquire the knowledge and skills that they need in order to learn effectively, to live and work co-operatively and productively with a wide range of people, to set and pursue education and career goals, and to carry out their social responsibilities. The Student Services department delivers this program through various means; including classroom visits, orientation and exit programs, post-secondary exploration activities, career exploration and individual assistance and short-term counselling.

Guidance Counsellors

A. Belcastro Guidance Counsellor Contact Ext: 2012
D. Giammarco Program Chair Contact Ext: 2009
S. Moschella Guidance Counsellor Contact Ext: 2013

Special Education

C. Biggar Resource Teacher Contact Ext: 2023
S. Letwin                        Resource Teacher Contact Ext: 2403
A. Mete Resource Teacher Contact Ext: 2401
L. Sparkman Special Education Teacher Contact Ext: 2021

Student Success

P. O’Leary Student Success Teacher Contact Ext: 2027

Support Staff

P. Beck Library Tech Contact Ext: 2200
K. Belcamino Child Youth Worker (CYW) Contact Ext: 2123
S. Zuba Student Services Secretary Contact Ext: 2010

Cooperative Education

R. Defoe Co-op Education Teacher Contact Ext: 2011

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