ND Homework Club

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Homework Club is an ongoing program offered here at Notre Dame College School under the Student Services department. This is an after school club providing opportunities for students to be successful by providing both a social and quiet setting to complete homework after school and for students seeking extra support in any of their courses. In this setting students can:

  • complete group work
  • complete homework in any or their courses
  • get assistance from teachers within specific subject areas
  • work with student tutors
  • get caught up on missed work if they have been absent/and or  
  • write a missed test in our supervised test room

This club runs every Monday through Thursday from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in our library with supervision. Each evening there are certain specialized teachers in the departments of Math, Science, English, Social Sciences and Languages to work with students, as well as student tutors who are available to assist students who need help.

Notre Dame College School   •   64 Smith Street    •   Welland, ON,  L3C 4H4   •  905-788-3060

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